Effects of WWI the lead to WWII?

Ok so yes this is going to turn in to an essay for school and im writing my thesis. The actual question is " How dod the events and aftermath of World War I create the political, social and economic conditions that lead to WWII?"I need a social, economic and political effect from WWI that created WWII. I Have....the debt (obviously economic)Weak governments (political)Im unsure for the social. could it be about military or is that not social?what about Social humiliation in Germany? I just dont understand how that could affect anything.any other ideas for social?please help, and you can give me new ideas too..

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  1. alemana says:

    Germany felt humiliated by the treaty of versailles, and wanted to avenge itself. Nazis wanted a scapegoat to blame their internal problems on so they chose the Jews, and for their other troubles they blamed the Allies. so i guess socially, the german people wanted revenge and to retake the rhine river valley, which the french wanted to do in WWI.