I have a history essay tomorrow! Plz help me on this essay. Here is a writing frame we got and we aren't allowed to use our books or anything like plan so i need ur help.I need an another essay which is different from this sampleIntroduction:When President Lincoln declared that slavery has ended in 1865 the black people of America believed their lives would change dramatically. It was to take over a hundred years for real equality to come about, but why was the progress so slow?Paragraph 1:When slavery ended there were several initiatives that were set up to improve the lives of black people. The Freedmen's Bureau...Sharecropping was also an improvement as it gave black people the opportunity to....Paragraph 2:However, the extent to which their lives improved was restricted by several factors. Black Codes were rules that...The Ku Klux Klan...The Jim Crow Laws...So by 1920 the lives of black people had improved very little and they still faced segregation, discrimination and intimidation. It seemed to be not much better than life as a slave.Paragraph 3:When World War Two began in...Some soldiers were fighting on the front line for the first line for the first time as previously they would have had a supporting role, but...To improve their lives further the Double V campaign...A major improvement came in 1948 when...Paragraph 4:In the 1950’s black people still faced segregation in education, transport, public facilities and voting However, improvements were soon to come thanks to the pressure of the Civil Rights Movement led by....Brown V TopekaLittle RockMontgomery Bus Boycott..At last black people were experiencing improvements in their lives that would affect them directly but there was still some way to go before total equality was reached.Paragraph Five:A high point of the Civil Rights campaign came in 1963 when Martin Luther King.....‘I have a dream’...The following year the Civil Rights Act was passed...Voting Rights Act...By these Acts being passed black people felt that true equality had at last come, but the extent of this ‘equality’ was still to be seen.Paragraph 6:Living conditions for black people were still below that for white people. In ghetto areas like...Groups like the Black Muslims and Black Panthers sprung up because...AssassinationsParagraph 7:As America moved passed the 1970s progress seemed to quicken.Black politicians.Plz help me write an history essay. I want to get a gd level so plz could u help me!Could u help me write the history essay or write it for me plz plz plz. I really need some help.3 hours agoCan someone atleast find an essay of this topic from an website or if you have done this already then, plz could you write up ur essay for me thx.3 hours agoCan someone atleast find an essay of this topic from an website or if you have done this already then, plz could you write up ur essay for me thx.You will get 10 points plz make it long.

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    They went from being slaves, working and not getting paid, to welfare cases, getting paid and not working.