Opinions for Anne Boleyn essay…quick question?

hi :)I am writing my history essay on Anne Boleyn. I first talked about her childhood and where she grew up and stuff (in my introduction). I have 4 body paragraphs and this is what I am writing about:1. she was the "driving force" in the English Reformation2. she was in a powerful position for a woman of her time3. she gave birth to Elizabeth I4. she had a very unusual death.I already did paragraphs 1 and 2 but I am sort of stuck on paragraph 3. I talked a bit about how she gave birth to Elizabeth I and Elizabeth's early childhood. But since my essay is focused on Anne, how much should I talk about Elizabeth?thank-you! :)

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  1. phoenicia says:

    just include that she was smart not to cause anymore trouble (when she was told she was going to be executed) to protect her daughteru could also include how King Henry VIII wanted a boy for the heir n got a girl instead

  2. coadjustment says:


  3. molybdoparesis says:

    You should talk about Anne’s relationship with Elizabeth maybe .

  4. ingathers says: