Can some one check my Mcbeth essay if its ok or needs more work?also can you tell me if am telling the story?

Can some one check my Mcbeth essay if its ok or needs more work?Shakespeare portrayed Lady Macbeth as a very strong, modern, clever and confident lady at the beginning. Towards the end, she became vulnerable, scared because of the guilt she committed and made her husband do, that drifted them apart that led to her to commit suicide.Lady Macbeth seems very strong ambitious lady that knows what she’s doing at the beginning. She’s very different compared to women in her time. She is modern, confident. Her relationship with Macbeth was equal and they were passionate about each other." My dear partner of greatness" tells that he treats her as equal and he tells her everything in the letter that shows us how close they were.After reads her husband’s letter she speaks in clique, there we can see, the evil wickedness in her like a witch. She instantly decides to have the king killed, "And shalt be "There she seems very selfish not happy for him for what he has already achieved. Instead she is saying that her husband isn’t capable of murdering the king because he is too kind although he is a soldier and committed murders. "Milk of human kindness". There we can see she knows her husband very well. She knows he is a loyal solider and wouldn’t commit the crime..Like a witches how they make spells, she says unsex me now and she is also calling the evil. "Unsex me here" There she is excited because the king is coming, I think she wanted to do it herself that why she is calling the evil because she knows she’s not strong enough to kill the king, and when she mentions unsex me she wants to be a man because they are strong.When we see Lady Macbeth meeting Macbeth for the first time after the war she doesn’t greet him as passionately as Macbeth, instead she talks about Duncan how he won’t see tomorrow. Macbeth knows Lady Macbeth very well because when he says "we will speak further. "He is trying to avoid the sittuatiaton because he knows she will go on until he agrees. Lady Macbeth became angry after Macbeth refused not to kill the king she manipulated him and bullied him like a child, questioning his man hood then she questions their love but he still didn’t agree. But when she says she will kill their baby he agrees."And dash the brains out" I think Macbeth is very clever, because he anticipated what is going to happen after the murder.Lady Macbeth didn’t think ahead she’s more like child, when a child does something the don’t anticipate what going to happen next. Macbeth was compelled into doing this because his wife bullied him into it; he probably felt he had no choice. I think Lady Macbeth is lonely and isolated, and she wants Macbeth to be the king is because she wants to be with him because she probably doesn’t want him to go to war she’s probably worried for his safety. So if Macbeth is a king he wouldn’t need to go to war.I think Shakespeare didn’t portray Lady Macbeth as evil, but he is more sympathetic towards her. He gives some reason why she is like that, like probably their baby did die and she seems isolated lonely by herself. I think she wanted the king killed is not because she wants to be a queen or for greed of wealth it’s because she wanted her husband to be the King in her eyes she did it for him and didn’t realise the quoncance.I think Macbeth listens to her too much; he didn’t have to kill the king, he should have listened to his conscience. Lady Macbeth didn’t kill before she thought one more killing that’s it. Like she says after the killing when she washes the blood off its only blood it wash off.I think lady Macbeth didn’t think that one killing would do, this led to Macbeth killing more, and more. Their relationship drifted apart, I think she loved him so much, because she did it for him, she probably blames herself for what happened that led to being depressed and then killing herself. Because she regrets "what’s don cannot be undone "she talking to Macbeth

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