How difficult is the AP biology exam compared to other AP tests?

I've been in the AP biology class all of this school year. I found it to be rather easy, but most others in the class struggle to claim Bs. I've maintained a 97/100 average throughout the year. The tests in the class always included an essay question from previous AP exams. I aced those, but she gave us the essay topics in advance, prior to the test.Do you think the class has prepared me enough for the exam? I don't know if I'm ready. I've heard the test really hard.

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  1. Kalispel says:

    I did not pass. :( Report Abuse

  2. treasureless says:

    The test is hard, and when i took it, i noticed that my ap bio book did not cover absolutely everything on the test. It you really want to be prepared, borrow a couple different ap bio books from friends at other schools. Knowing your vocab always helps, but only if you can apply them as a whole. Be able to connect concepts from each chapter if you want to do well on essay questions. I just took the ap psychology test and gov test…… psych was a nightmare. I did great in class, but the test itself is hard haha. good luck