What are the main racial groups in America?

Okay, I've thought of:AsianAfrican AmericanCaucasianIndianHispanic or LatinoBut, I need a websource to cite my information (and I don't even know if my list is correct...I'm sure Indian can be put into a broader category ...but I can't seem to find anything on the internet!**PLEASE if you answer this question, leave a good source, not wikipedia (not allowed for essay), or wikianswers...etc...

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  1. absurdum says:

    i prefer “ethnicity” to “racial group”but with ethnicity, all of those can be sub-divided as well.asian:you have primarily korean, chinese, and japanese decentAfrican American:you have eastern africa, somailian, southern african, and others.caucasian:uk, ireland, eastern continental europe, western continental europeIndian:i’m assuming native amreican heremany, many tribes, and decendants of those tribesHispanicusually referred to as anyone from latin amerca, although there are a few exceptions farther southall of these have sub-cultures within them, and some of those cultures do indeed overlapsorry my source violates your “Wikiless” rule… according to the 2000 census, you can check here: [external link] …and maybe get the info you need from similar searches or links within that site.