What should try to become when I graduate from high school in order to make a lot of money?

I understand that you should always do what you love and not just for the money. But see, I love money (sorry that's just me). And I don't have anything I really like in terms of a career, I'm interested in becoming anything, really, believe me I mean it. I really don't care what it is but I want to go to University for it, I don't want to do a trade. I want to know what job can give a really good salary with:1) A Bachelor's Degree2) A Master's Degree3) A Ph.DI AM willing to go as far as a Ph.D however I would greatly appreciate it if I could land a good salary with only a Master's degree. I am smart, I am dedicated and I am sure I can handle whatever university has to throw at me. I am good at mathematics, sciences everything. I am not TOO fond of english and writing essays. PLEASE FIND ME A GOOD PAYING JOB, I LIKE ANYTHING.

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  1. browndj says:

    become a movie star.. they make about 10 mil / year

  2. ecliptics says:

    The highest paying jobs with a bachelors degree are in engineering, economics, physics, and computer science (in that order). Having a masters in engineering pays more than a bachelors, but a PhD doesn’t necessarily pay more. PhDs make more on average, but in many fields they’re not making very much. That’s a degree that requires a ton of dedication to a particular field of study, so that’s not something you should bother with if you don’t really love a subject. The pay just doesn’t justify it if you don’t. If you’re just going for money, medicine makes the most – but that’s a ton of work (8 years of college and 3-10 more in training).

  3. txdelay says:

    a nurse would be good… there is one rank that a nurse can have and it is hi paying, you need you bachelors or masters not 100% sure but basically you are the boss of a group or area of lower ranking nurses i am a freshman in high school and this is what i am hoping to do. as you can tell i need to do more research. anyway hope i could help