A good laptop to run World Of Warcraft and have more space?

What I want is a laptop, because I'll be going to college soon. My boyfriend as a gift, is getting me the game World Of Warcraft. I don't know how much memory the game will take up, so I want a laptop that I can play the game with all of the add on games and patches plus having space for essays, video editing software, and iTunes & all the works for that. Any help, please?

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5 Answers to “A good laptop to run World Of Warcraft and have more space?”

  1. interleaves says:

    Hi there I noticed your World of Warcraft related question and even though I can’t play I assumed this can help you. My pal showed me this great site that enable you to apparently win world of warcraft gold? Its right here [external link] You simply guess a number and they send it to you haha.. he won 3000gold recently with number 767 so that could still work for you

  2. chrysochlore says:

    Tiger,Snow Leopard on iMac, MacBook, Mac Pro)

  3. insomnia says:

    Here’s a lappy chart [external link] …A-Series Llanno , i3 2310M i5 2410 w/ intel HD 3000 graphicschart [external link] …

  4. Pensacola says:

    depending if you are a mac or pc please consider this:Mac: get a macbook pro 13 inch, 2.3 dual core i5 Intel processor, 8gb of ram, and dont forget to say you are a student GOING TO COLLEGE to get about 100-200$ off.PC: alienware is good for gaming and more but its a little bulky to carry around even the m11x (their smallest laptop. otherwise consider these Dell – Inspiron Laptop / Intel® Core™ i5 Processor / 15.6″ Display / 6GB Memory / 640GB Hard Drive Toshiba – Satellite Laptop / Intel® Core™ i5 Processor / 14″ Display / 6GB Memory / 640GB Hard Driveenjoy your new laptop :D edit: actually i took a second look at the dell and the toshiba and the graphics cards for the toshiba isnt really that great its a mobile intel HD and the dell has a better intel hd graphics 3000 card. Otherwise find a computer with similar specs but with a good nvidia geforce or ATI radeon card. Good luck!

  5. biharmonic says:

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