I need an introductory sentence for this paragraph.?

This is the introduction for my essay. It is a very important paragraph, and yet I do not have a good introductory sentence to it. In The Birth of Tragedy by Nietzche, the two central, opposing principles illustrated are the Apollonian and Dionysian forces. The Apollonian is based on structure, rational thought, and distinct individuality, while the Dionysian is based on frenzy, creativity, and emotions. The Greek play The Oresteia written by Aeschylus, and translated by Robert Fagles, exemplifies the Apollonian and Dionysian forces through the tension and discord among the gods, humans and Furies. While the Dionysian force, represented by the lust for revenge, dominates in the beginning of the trilogy, the Apollonian force and justice prevail in the end.My essay is about opposing forces and the balance between them. Please help me think of an introductory sentence for this paragraph! Thank you.

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  1. kimonoed says:

    Your first sentence is a suitable explination to fit a topic sentence. It explains whats going to be in the context clearly and bluntly without diatribical text.