Need help making thesis statement?

this is the question posted by my professor:how did peacekeeping differ from enforcement action between 1956 and 1990? what were the conditions for the success of peacekeeping operations during this period?*he wants us to make outline for the essay... and i need a thesis statement that can be chopped into two parts ex: goldilocks and the three little bears is the topicthesis statement: goldilocks was a nosey girl that barged into other people's houses while the three little bears were just havin a grumpy day(ok i know i suck with thesis statements)but my point is, if i chopped this sentence in half., i will talk about goldilock's personality, and the next part i will talk about why the bears were havin a bad day..please help me with my thesis statement for the peacekeeping operations... im desperate. :(

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  1. gooners says:

    Peacekeeping operations in 1956 succeeded due to (give a reason), as opposed to in 1990, when (a reason for 1990) created the conditions for the success of these operations.

  2. laet says:

    Thesis statements are best kept short and to the point.’The Role and Effectiveness of Peacekeeping Operations 1956-1990.’You can go into the details in your text.