Why gandhi considered the champaran movement to be a turning point in his life?

Based on the book Indigo by Louis Fischer.I have to write an essay of about 150 words.The things i have to elucidate are:1. He understood that Indians can exercise their rights and seek legal recourse for justice.2. The civil ( civilized ) disobedience movement had won for the first time.3. It had proved that no one is above law and the pride of the british had been supressed.Can someone please elucidate a little and add more points.PLEASE atleast be serious. Its important and urgent.

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  • why was champaran movement a turning point in gandhiji life

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    In 1917 the first satyagraha campaign in India was mounted in the indigo-growing district of Champaran. Gandhi had conceived satyagraha in 1906, in response to a law discriminating against Asians that was passed by the colonial government of the Transvaal in South Africa. Satyagraha was the guiding philosophy for the Indian people in their fight against British imperialism. It is translated from Hindi as “the devotion to truth,” or a nonviolence of the mind, for to employ violence would be to lose control. The tactics of civil disobedience, first used in 1917, derive from this philosophy.