Pleze help me with this english?

answer correctly first and you get 10 points as best answerDecide whether the following statements are TRUE or FALSE.1. Writing is not an inborn skill; it is an acquired skill. (1 point)TrueFalse2. Exposing you to a broad range of writing strategies and styles is the only way that reading the work of others can improve your writing. (1 point)TrueFalse3. Reading the latest style or sports magazines is actually a type of skimming. (1 point)TrueFalse4. Critical reading involves investing a part of yourself and your emotions in the actual process. (1 point)TrueFalse5. It is not necessary for a good critical reader to learn something about an author’s background before reading his/her work. (1 point)TrueFalse6. Even if you own a book, you should never take notes on the pages themselves. (1 point)TrueFalse7. In The Box Man, Ascher states her main idea at the very beginning of the essay. (1 point)TrueFalse8. Ascher’s only reason for writing the essay was to explain that solitude need not always be lonely. (1 point)TrueFalse9. Inexperienced writers should avoid using incomplete sentences in their writing even though they sometimes serve a purpose in written works. (1 point)TrueFalse10. Parallelism is using similar grammatical form for equally important ideas. (1 point)TrueFalse

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  1. breadths says:

    doing your homework is not worth 10 points to me.

  2. Tecpanec says:

    Y/A is not the forum to have someone else do your homework. If you can’t answer fundamental questions about writing, why are you even in school?

  3. meteorgraph says:

    1. true.2. true3.false4.true5.false6.True7.True8.True9.True10. False