What represents greed?

I am writing an essay on greed, and i need something (like an item or a color or something) that can represent greed.Like for example, the dollar. That might represent greed.what do you think?

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5 Answers to “What represents greed?”

  1. nainoxo says:

    When I think of greed, I think of money. Money tied in stacks in a bank vault.

  2. natatorial says:

    A Wall Street street sign, the bull in Bowling Green park (wall street bull), Enron sign.

  3. Plectospondyli says:


  4. uncognoscible says:

    A red snake coiled around a Silver Dollar.

  5. heretic's says:

    The dollar does not represent greed. Tell a poor person that if they want a dollar they are being greedy. See, doesn’t work does it.I think a good example is obesity. This is caused purely by eating more than you need to maintain your weight. Happy Halloween, the holiday of fat kids stuffing their faces with sweets;)