Can i use I in this essay?

this is the prompt:do you think this is a book worth reading? justify your answer by evaluating the plot, setting, characters, conflict, and theme.does this mean i can use I in this essayand use i thinkand stuff like that?

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15 Answers to “Can i use I in this essay?”

  1. childliest says:

    I’m pretty sure you can, because it asks your own personal opinion.

  2. ritzert says:

    depends what your doing it for but an essay should never have I,me or we.

  3. antheming says:

    You may, but why not be more creative than that such as:Because I am interested in_____________, I think this book would help to develop my interest in_______by giving me a different perspective on_________.I tend to like (drama, adventure, mystery of whatever) and I am trying this both for a (change or re-enforcement) of ______________. The characteristics are close to my familiarity of family life and reminds me of ( whatever relatives) but they are unique because__________________.The opportunity to learn from this conflict is intriguing and interesting because (I have never, or I always) _______________. I benefit from the resolution of the problem by___________. Generally the theme is generally accepted ______________________ and reminds me of ______________.Think about it. This would be a much better presentation and indicate that you consider more than what was required and drew conclusions that lead you to a decision.Reword according to what is most familiar to you, but this gives you an idea.

  4. malacopterygian says:


  5. doyley says:

    Yes you may.Example: I believe this book was worth reading because…

  6. browband says:

    this is obviously an opinion-based essay. so yeah, you can talk in the first person

  7. fido says:

    yes you can use i but just only in as a thesis statement

  8. Tiberian says:

    yes.because it is asking you “do YOU THINK”

  9. strayhor says:

    Yes. The directive is asking your for your opinion, based upon what you subjectively believe that you understand about the read.

  10. curn says:


  11. Bacillariophyta says:

    it would be a safer bet to use second person (i.e. We, us, etc)first person generally makes your argument seem more of an opinion than a fact/claim.

  12. magnetons says:

    what is the line?where would you use it?

  13. squeamishness says:

    In an opinion essay, you don’t really need to say “I” because it’s obvious that it’s your opinion. Don’t say “I think that the book is worth reading…” but just say “The book is worth reading.” However, if you’re going to say certain things, like “At first, I was unsure if I liked the book…” You can use ‘I’ because you’re talking about your specific experience.

  14. gibber says:

    I’m sure it is okay to use i think .I’ve used “i think” in several questions before and no points were taken off of my answer.

  15. uncynically says:

    Well it is asking for YOUR opinion so yes, I believe you can use I