Good conclusion?

what woul be a good conclusion for my "goals" essay MY GOALS Goals are very important to have in life. Goals are important because , they help you improve yourself, and how you are in life. Goals are what you want to improve in, or what you want to achieve. Goals help you advance in anything or get better at something. Everyone has goals they want to accomplish. I have many goals myself. Some of my personal goals are, to be a very successful person in life , eat less junk food , use my time more wisely , and get better sleep. My school/graduation goals are to , be on honor roll more often, do better on finals, and be valedictorian when I graduate. My school(college year) goals are to go to a very good college. I also want a career that I will make good money in, I hope to be an attorney, paralegal , or an accountant. I hope I achieve all my goals successfully. One of my personal goals is too be a very successful person. I will achieve this by having faith in myself

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  1. haze's says:

    I think that it’s really good, but you’re overusing the word “goal” way too much.For example, the sentence GOals help you advance in anything…. say By achieving these, or by accomplishing.hope that helps!

  2. centgener says:

    It’s pretty good, but there’s just too much of the word “goals.”"Goals are very important to have in life. Goals are important because…”Maybe this instead:Goals are very important to have in life. *They* are important because…That will make the essay more fluent and easier to read. If you have too much of the word “goals,” it becomes frustrating to read.