Im proofreading my essay and I need to know how to correctly word this sentece?

Here is the sentece Im having trouble understanding how to fixThere are laws today that Rand would oppose though there are some she would agree with as well.Ok so my teacher is making us revise our essay and she circled "there are". Im thinking it might be "They're are" but Im not sure it could be "There is" but that doesnt sound right in the sentence. So let me have someone confirm this should it be "They're are"?

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9 Answers to “Im proofreading my essay and I need to know how to correctly word this sentece?”

  1. hammerdress says:

    “Rand would oppose some laws today though she would agree with some as well.”I believe your teacher is attempting to remove passive voice (to be verbs). This would get rid of it.

  2. lickers says:

    It is grammatically correct to say “there are laws…”It would be grammatically incorrect to say “They’re are…” because ‘they’re’ means ‘they are’.

  3. equilibrium says:

    there’s would be correct it b/c there is laws. ………………..They’re are can’t happen b/c u can’t put are twice and u don’t say they laws right.

  4. aplogin says:

    oppose,although there There is laws (they means people) ‘re =are you would be saying they are are.

  5. brasted says:

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  6. monstrator says:

    I think using “there are” (which, by the way, is grammatically correct) is redundant; however, this is not to say you shouldn’t or can’t. Perhaps you should just reword the sentence, though the end result would have to flow with the rest of the paragraph. Whatever works….My suggestions–in no particular order– are: 1. There are laws today that Rand would oppose, though some she would agree with.2. Though there are laws today that Rand would oppose, there are some she would agree with.*The next thought should probably elaborate on the laws Rand would agree with….at least that what the sentence leads me to assume. GOOD LUCK

  7. trochoidally says:

    “they’re” is a contraction for “they are” so “they are are” is not right.There is a problem in that it would be plural in using “laws” and singular in using “is” instead of the plural “are” so “there are” is correct.I would say “…although there are some she would agree with as well.”

  8. epitheca says:

    If you change it to “They’re are”, it wouldn’t make sense because you are saying “They are are”, which is redundant. I think it should be “There is”, but I think you should write it as “There’s” so that it sounds good.

  9. yogesh says:

    There are laws today that Rand would oppose and some she would agree with as well.