HELP PLEASE? The Kite Runner Question (By: Khaled Hosseini)….?

I have to write a multicultural essay and my thesis is: Cultural, political and social pressures in Afghanistan push Amir to abandon his friend, Hassan in his time of need.What are some examples of religious and or ethnic, societal expectations and political tensions Amir faced in The Kite Runner that I can argue in my essay?I will really appreciate your help!Thanks In Advance!

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  1. restraint says:

    I read this book last year.. so I don’t think I’ll be much help, but this is a great book. I know that Amir was socially expected to do things that were “boyish” (playing soccer like his father wanted him to, instead of writing). This could go into your social pressures section of your essay.Good luck with your paper.

  2. teodros says:

    Political- he and his father coming to America to flee the Taliban.Social/Cultural- He and Hassan are from different social classes (rich-poor/servant-master relationship) and different ethnic groups (I forget the names but I know Hassan’s group was seen as unworthy and lower class) but still become the best of friends. Another Social one would be Amir’s unwillingness to tell anyone about what happened to Hassan.

  3. ansagay says:

    Well the cultural Pressures come from Amir being a Pashtun boy and Hassan, not only being a lower class Hazara, but also the son of Amir’s fathers servant.The political Pressures come from, the invasion of Afghanistan by Russian forces and the rise of the Taliban, to which end, Amir and Baba flee to Pakistan and then to Freemont california.As for the social pressures, would come from, the fact of Amir not being considered manly enough by his father and his perception that his father loves Hassan more than him, coupled with the the bullying he receives at the hands of Aseef, to which Hassan defends him and his kite, getting beaten and raped in the process.But of all that, you could argue, that none of this was the cause of him betraying his friend; and that it just boiled down to cowardliness and selfishness, he was too scared to help when Hassan was being raped and too selfish to cope with his idea that his father would love Hassan more than him.