How do i get a good thesis statement for an essay?

I registered for an AP course today ( advance placement ) and the teacher wanted me to wite an essay explaining to them why do i want to be in an APcourse and what would i do to become sucessful in this class. Would youplease help me start a thesis statement for the first paragraph. Thank you very much

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2 Answers to “How do i get a good thesis statement for an essay?”

  1. unconcrete says:

    a thesis statement should include the three main topics you are going to hit in your essay. make sure they are parallel structures and that will help you get started the easy way.

  2. tokologies says:

    A thesis statement is basically just a statment saying the main idea of the essay. Like if you were writing an essay on why animal testing wrong, your thesis would be “Animal testing is wrong and unethical.”So I suggest you use “An advanced placement course is the best choice for me because….”"An advanced placement course will help me to achieve my goals of….”Something along those lines, just fill in whatever fits.