Moving out persuasive essay?

i am writing a persuasive essay convincing my parents to let me move and my parents have a really bad relationship {mostly me and mom, we get into huge agruements and shes a bit abuseive . } and they have been looking for relatives to take me in for a bit because the stress and abuse at home has made it impossible for me to focus on anything; including school and ive gotten very depressed.i found a cheap apartment close to home i could pay for if i got a job. (which i could do)what are some things i could put in my essay ?thanks so much

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  1. aplacophoran says:

    First of all, you need to think about what makes your parents tick. You do not want to make them mad with this essay. And, if you feel the need to write an essay, are you not old enough to move out? Write from your heart and tell them how you feel, yet do it in a tactful and respectful way. They have cared for you up to this point, the last thing you want to do is look like an ungrateful brat wanting to move out. Especially if you may need to move back in if unforseen problems come up. Also, prepare, plan, prepare! Make lists of things you are going to need for your apartment. Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, cleaning, groceries, toiletries. Houses dont come with toilet paper automatically stored in the bathroom cabinet. make sure that you have a big enough budget to get everything you need to get started, plus first months rent and deposit. Plus deposits on all your utilities and any unforseen expenses that may pop up. You want to make sure that the job you get is one you will like, one you can tolerate for up to a year, because that is how long most leases are. Make sure that it will pay all of your bills and allow for you to have some extra money for emergencies. It will happen. Most of all, make sure that this is something that you really want and need to do. If you have family members who you trust, I would talk this over with them. You will need a reference of some sort of accountable age to put down on a rental application. Not trying to discourage you, just giving you some things to think about. Best of luck to you with your family.