What is a block grant and what is a fedaral mandate and what does it have to do with…?

state and local and federal employment?AP government essay questionanyone whos in it know the hell of ithere's a link to the question to any kind history teacher or buff who would like to helpthanksps. i cant get a link for this ques (2003 AP Gov if anyone took it) but the graph provided shows an increase in state and local gov employment since 1945 with a slight decline in 1990, and paid federal government civilian employment stayiny at pretty much a staight lineWTF does this have to do with block grants and federal mandates!

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    [external link] accountability into the newly proposed block grants is animportant, but difficult, task requiring trade-offs between federal and statecontrol over program finances, activities, and administration. Moreprescriptive federal requirements can limit the states’ ability to implementblock grants in an integrated and efficient fashion. But fewer federalfinancial and programmatic accountability provisions can limit federalgoals and lead to reduced funding and/or recategorization. Accountabilityprovisions will need to strike a balance between the potentially conflictingobjectives of increasing state and local flexibility while attaining certainnational objectives—a balance that inevitably involves philosophicalquestions about the proper roles and relationships among the levels ofgovernment in our federal system.Well designed accountability provisions help clarify the financial andprogrammatic relationship between the federal government and the statesand could be important in sustaining the block grant approach as theseprograms mature. There is general agreement that financial accountabilityprovisions implemented through single audits can provide a foundation forassuring that states apply appropriate financial management and internalcontrols. There is less consensus on whether and how to promoteaccountability for block grant implementation and results. For thosenational goals and standards that are established, however, policymakershave options for building in adequate, but less burdensome, provisions.These options include (1) relying on state processes both to manage blockgrant funds and to monitor and assess compliance, (2) assessing thenature of requirements imposed on states, including the applicability ofcross-cutting requirements.Reexamining some of the more burdensome cross-cutting requirementsalso would provide states with additional flexibility. Cross-cuttingrequirements—also known as generally applicable requirements—couldbecome some of the more burdensome federal mandates for new blockgrants because administrative guidance and regulations that have built upover the years to implement them do not discriminate between categoricaland block grant programs. Our work has specifically identified one suchcross-cutting requirement for potential elimination. We have stated thatthe Congress could repeal the Davis-Bacon Act cross-cutting requirementbecause of the act’s administrative problems and associated increases infederal construction costs .