Why is AP U.S. History such B.S.?

I can't believe I even chose to take this class. This whole year, we have not had one single lesson in class. The teacher rarely even talks actually. All we do is have a quiz on a different ridiculously large chapter every day. When we're not taking tests, we're doing timed essays and DBQ's in class. We also have tests that cover every single chapter we have read and just add more and more chapters each time we take a test because we read more. So basically we will have 30 chapter tests or more. When we're not doing that, we're having debates in which the teacher marks participation points based on who is speaking. In my opinion, I think its ridiculous that she can mark us down in class for not talking, when she doesn't talk at all, or teach at all. The teacher even gets mad at students who decide not to study, or decide to not do her assignments. I think this is extremely stupid. If she doesn't teach, and doesn't help us at all, what gives her the right to tell us how we should be study? If she's going to grant freedom, she should allow us to study and do work based on how we wish to do it. This class blows. On our essays, she won't even right ONE SINGLE COMMENT. she just gives us a score and says good luck with your life.

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  1. suffragatory says:

    and how exactly do you expect people to answer that? I sympathise with you, but I don’t really see how you can get an answer…