Can you help me? check my essay?!?

The reaction of Oedipus and Creon that comes out due to their situation in the scene reveals their emotions and personalities. The king Oedipus who is "take pride in being so stubborn and thoughtless" (line 550). He is brash in judging other people, Oedipus situation is very horrible, he think that is impossible to imagine what the oracle say about him, as he is the father’s murder and mother’s husband, as a result, Oedipus insult Creon because he think that Creon wants his power and take the throne. On the other hand: Creon, who is wise, prudent as he describe himself "I’m always as good as my word; I don’t speak before I think". He uses his logic to proof the truth and convince Oedipus. Moreover, at the end of the play, after every thing became clear and the truth is reveal, Creon shows some sympathy emotions toward Oedipus and bring Oedipus’s children to him to bid farewell them. Other point of difference is that Oedipus tries to avoid his fate by ignoring the oracle and do not believe on god, while Creon does. Oedipus can not believe Tiresias say about him "I say that the murderer you seek is you". Oedipus is doubt about Tiresias prophecy and thinks that he is allied with Creon to plot on him. On the other hand, Creon has faith on gods and believes the Oracle although he does not have any proof. Despite that Oedipus say" the evil in our family is revealed", Creon use this as proof to indicate that Oedipus is the Murder.

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  1. cracca says:

    Sounds great, but you need to do some proofreading or have someone do it for you. There are many grammatical errors in your essay. Otherwise, it sounds wonderful.

  2. fleurco says:

    Sure I’ll help you! Here we go:The reactions of Oedipus and Creon to their situations in this scene reveal aspects of their emotions and personalities. The king Oedipus “take(s) pride in being so stubborn and thoughtless” (line 550). He is rash in judging other people. Oedipus is in a dreadful situation; he finds it unthinkable to accept what the oracle has said about him murdering his father and marrying his mother. Ultimately, Oedipus insults Creon, believing that Creon covets his power and the throne. Creon , on the other hand, is wise and prudent. In reflecting upon his own character, he remarks: “I’m always as good as my word; I don’t speak before I think”. He uses logic to prove the truth and persuade Oedipus. Moreover, at the end of the play, when everything becomes clear and the truth is revealed, Creon demonstrates sympathy for Oedipus and brings Oedipus’ children to him that Oedipus may bid them farewell.Another significant point of difference between the two characters is that Oedipus tries to avoid his fate by ignoring the oracle, and does not believe in god, whereas Creon does have faith in the oracle and heeds the prophecy as a warning. When Tiresias declares to Oedipus: ” I say that the murderer you seek is you”, Oedipus doubts the prophecy, believing that Tiresias is allied with Creon and is plotting against him. Creon, on the other hand, does have faith in the gods and believes the Oracle, even without proof. When Oedipus declares: ” the evil in our family is revealed”, Creon uses this as the proof that indicates that Oedipus is the murderer.There you go, that’s the very best I can do for you. Hope it helps. Good luck!

  3. sanguivorous says:

    its good!

  4. oatmeal says:

    You are missing a lot of Ss, at the end of many words, like “takes pride”, “describes himself”, “the truth is revealed”"prove the truth”, there are many mistakes like that, don’t have time for whole thing, sorry!, you should be able to do it, read out loud see how it sounds to you!. Otherwise it is good!.Make sure “Oedipus” is right!.

  5. undauntedness says:

    It’s sort of alright, I did not find it interesting at all, I’m taking up writing courses, you should check your grammar, go into more details about this, you want to get and keep your readers interest in the paper and not have them turn away, in doing this paper you should stay focus on what you are writing about, in some of the reading I lost interest. why is his children coming to say farewell to him ? why does he have to convince Oedipus? why does Ceeron want his powers? what powers does he have? these are some of the questions that your readers will be asking themselves while reading your paper, reread your paper, write this as if you want your reader to belive that this really happen,keep your readers wanting to know more. if you try these suggestions you’ll have one heck of a paper. good luck.