Hook and thesis for essay persuading people on why kids shouldnt have homework?

I am writing a persuasive essay on why we shouldnt have homework. I cant come up with a hook or thesis. Can someone help?

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2 Answers to “Hook and thesis for essay persuading people on why kids shouldnt have homework?”

  1. rintel says:

    Some ideas on this subject [external link] …

  2. acastus says:

    Haha, a very interesting topic. i can give you the general back round of a persuasive essay, I would mention that children need to be children and if every teacher gives home work when do the kids have time to wind down as parents do when they finish a days work.(1.) Introduction2-3 sentence introduction; hook position statement 2-3 reasons.(2.) BodyReason onewhy, why, why?Reason twowhy. why. why?(3.) Counter ArgumentAnticipate the readers argumentagainst your opinion(4.) ConclusionRemind the reader your position statement End with a powerful statement