The Odyssey essay intro paragraph help?

Since ancient times, men have assumed superiority over women. But are women really intellectually and physically inferior to men? In Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey, women are the trickiest and most dangerous people. Women like Kalypso and Penelope lure and deceive the men, namely the suitors and Odysseus. Even the war god, Athena, is a woman. Women take the superior position that men supposedly have with their keen minds and seductive ways.Is this a good intro paragraph for a 10th grade essay on the odyssey? feel free to make changes and correctionsi'm not sure if the sentence on Athena is correct. I'm not really sure how to express that the god of war is a godess and that war is "a man's job"

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  2. corespondent says:

    Not quite… Your essay is considerably rich and interesting, so much so that you do not want to blow it out of the water with all this at the very beginning in the introduction. Stay principled in your introduction and do not press to go deep so early in the essay. Let your piece of work unfold. Let it come forth as in a crescendo to an adagio played by a classic orchestra: they build up slowly and gracefully. An essay should always do so; you will want to make transitions so smoothly as to alert no alarm and just when the reader sees it, they at once are entranced by it. You see?’Ever notice how the darkest of the night slowly moves into day light, so gracefully — nothing abrupt…Now, what you want to do here in the introduction is to give just a little, by reflecting on that which is common to all human nature, and tie this into what the text of your essay is to be… The introduction should be not unlike a headline; here is where you catch their attention that prompts them to want to read it.They do not want an itemized account, with one feat preceding another and that, following still another, see? Your topic is most interesting. Keep it interesting. Make philosophical points for your introduction rather than stark points as you are doing. You are close but you need to polish the corners and sharp edges… Be different, bold and daring here, see?

  3. coutnry says:

    Athena is the goddess of wisdom, and in that guise, she understands that sometimes you must fight for your beliefs. Try this for your paragraph—Women like Calypso and Penelope use their feminine charms and intellect to maintain a hold on the men who have entered into their spheres of influence. Remember, Penelope did not lure the suitors to her home, they came to sate their own needs for personal power and unearned wealth.

  4. tvnsiyb says:

    Great points about the feminine characters having strength and depth beyond what you might expect from the ancient world. What do you think it means that Athena is his protector?