Uhhhm I ahave to write an essay today, on anything, can someone give me some ideas?

So like, in philly you have to apply to high schools, boring i know, for 3 of them i have to write an essay (i can write the same thing 3 times tho) and i need some ideas to write about, my life is boring so idk what to write about >.

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3 Answers to “Uhhhm I ahave to write an essay today, on anything, can someone give me some ideas?”

  1. hwndsys says:

    OK, let’s say if you didn’t have to write this essay, what would you be doing right now? What would you be doing today? What would you be doing tonight, tomorrow? All right, now we know where your interests lie so pick a couple of those interests/hobbies/fun things and write your essay on those.Good Luck!

  2. ting-shu says:

    write about a big historic event like one of the world wars or maybe the sinking of the titanic

  3. totaquin says:

    I think that you should just write about yourself, or something that really interest you that you can talk about.