Abortion Essay. Pro-Life.’Child Abuse.Help Please.?

Im doing an essay about abortion.'' I would Like To Know If Abortion Is Considered Child Abuse?No Stupid Answers.XDPlease ''Thankyou.

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4 Answers to “Abortion Essay. Pro-Life.’Child Abuse.Help Please.?”

  1. Vespina says:

    Well depends on the view that you hold. Is this an argumentative essay, or a research paper?If you hold the religious standing, this is considered to be child abuse and homicide.But if you are for abortion, then it is not killing a life, therefor not child abuse.**Well, you can argue that according to the law, the fetus is not born, therefor not child abuse because medically, it is not called a child until after birth. Hope this helps!

  2. contention says:

    I think it depends. Sometimes you hear that occasionlly there is a car accident and then a woma has to have an abortion to save her own life, otherwise she and the baby will both die? I unno, thats what somebody told me. I would look this up just to be sure.So i dont know. Unless somebody just wants an abortion just cause she can…then that would be abuse i would think. Good luck with the essay! :)

  3. occupiable says:

    Legally at this point in time, it is not considered to be child abuse because according to the law the baby is a fetus without human rights. Morally that would be a different story, at least for some people.

  4. praises says:

    You have to be a child to be abused first. If you want to make a like between abortion and child abuse, how about the fact that women forced to have babies they otherwise would’ve aborted are 80% more likely to be abused. Even in foster care 1 in 5 are sexually abused by the time they are 18.