Help writing my essay!?

I'm taking an SAT summer course and my first homework is to write a two page essay on what I expect to learn in that class. So far I have this: I have very high expectations in what I would like to learn at Hulls Academy. I hope to achieve all my goals and have firm belief that attending Hulls sessions will help me go a step closer to success. I expect Hulls Academy to teach me everything that is a must for me to know in order to very well on the SATS. I want to know all knowledge and even extra information that could help me anytime. Learning all types of bits and pieces will not only help me on the SATS, but also in future opportunities. I would like to learn every little possible trick and know-how’s that I can use when I am in need of help. Hearing the word, SAT, over and over again still causes me to jump in alert and worry. I hope to get over my SAT-phobia and manage to gain confidence. I believe that Hulls Academy can extinguish my fear of the SATs. whatelsecouldIsa

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  1. refurnishes says:

    The content of the essay is not as important as its structure. The generic form for an essay is:1. Introduction/ thesis2. Supporting point 13. Supporting point 24. Supporting point 35. ConclusionSo basic idea:Intro: I have high expectations of this course, I’m excited to take it , etc.Thesis: Overall though, my expectation is that this course will make me well prepared to take the SAT by strengthening my test taking skills. Specifically, I hope that this course with improve my analytical thinking, time management, and concentration.Point 1. I know that analytical thinking is an important part of a high SAT score. I’m hoping that this course will help me to better structure my thoughts and ideas for the test. I know that this program focuses on this skill, so I am looking forward to benefiting from this, blah blahPoint 2. I also know that time pressure is a difficult part of the SAT. blah blahPoint 3 ConcentrationConclusion: I do havev high expectations of this course, but I am confident that it will meet and exceed my wildest fantasies. This is especially true because my instructors are brillant. etc. etc.FYI, B.S. is an important part of essay writing.

  2. snair says:

    When in doubt, go back to the tried and true formula: Introduction, Body, Conclusion. Open with an introductory paragraph that touches on each point you are going to cover in each of the paragraphs that are going to make up the body. Then do your conclusion and repeat what you covered in your body. To start, do an outline and figure out what you want to say and how to say it eloquenly. Do research on the internet as to what they might be looking for.

  3. dislimning says:

    First off, it’s SATs, not SATS. (Teachers will look for that little “s”). And most of your sentences start with “I.” Again, something teachers will look for when reading a “well-written” essay. Instead of “I hope to achieve” and you can start a sentence with “Achieving my goals…” The essay sounds a little vague so far. Think about what, besides doing well on a test, this class will teach you. Be specific about your “jump in alert and worry.” Those words you never saw before that they are now asking you to compare to another word you can’t pronounce? What is intimidating about the test? What part of the test do you fear most? Why does the test really matter? A summer course? You must have your sights set high. What can a summer course teach you about your goals for post-high school?Good luck.

  4. misclaiming says:

    Hello,I like your start to this essay, but you can definitely elaborate on what you want to learn specifically at Hulls. For example, you can mention your strengths and weaknesses regarding the individual portions of the SAT and then guess how Hulls may help you improve. You can also elaborate on what you would like to study and work on in the future. I wish you well…

  5. flanker says:

    hey make a paragraph of how high SATS will help u get into a good job and get a good carrer.

  6. misground says:

    you should mention that it will help you with time-allotment (how much time to spend on each section), learning new vocabulary to help on the english part, and test taking skills (sometimes you can recognize incorrect choices without knowing the answer or what they mean)