How to pass my global regents? HELPPP!?

My Global regents is tomorrow.. is there any way to get all the multiple choice questions right so if i screw up the essays i still pass because i'm really bad at global and i know no outside info for the thematic essay that were gonna have to write.. BTW this is the 10th grade global regents. thanks

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2 Answers to “How to pass my global regents? HELPPP!?”

  1. kyanising says:

    I am taking it tomorrow too and haven’t studied at all hahaha I SUCK. Is there only one essay? the DBQ essay?

  2. turtlenecks says:

    ya im also taking it tomorrow ahhh! and okay so its possible to pass getting zeros on the essays but for dbq u can get at LEAST a two the information is RIGHT IN FRONT OF U! to get a five u need to know things for dbq but u can get a three or two without bringing in any information! and if you know the mulitple choice questions tehn u should be fine :)