I need subtopics for two essays (Twelfth Night and Peacekeeping and Canada)?

Alright .. the end of the school year is coming up, and my teachers decided to pile a bunch of work on me. Two of which are SOEs. Because these are the last essays of the year, I would like to prove myself to my teachers. If someone can suggest some subtopics for the following essays, it would give me a good idea what to write about. I won't use them, I'll just use the subtopics that someone suggests to spark my own ideas ... after all, I should do my own workOne of my essays is on twelfth night by Shakespeare The thesis is that Feste is the wisest character of the book. I need 3 subtopics for this oneMy second essay is on peacekeeping and Canada.The thesis is peacekeeping created Canada's identity. I, again, need 3 subtopics.If you guys can help, I would deeply appreciate it!

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  1. offings says:

    Feste is a genius with words and has a knack for punning, word play, and witty repartee, which he puts to use throughout Twelfth Night. As “Cesario” points out, even though Feste is a “fool,” he’s the wisest cat in Illyria:This fellow is wise enough to play the fool;And to do that well craves a kind of wit: (3.1.14)From Shmoop