Please clarify what caused South Korea to switch to democracy in 1987?

Please explain what the fiscal and political situation of South Korea was prior to 1987. I am a little confused by some of the information i am finding. I need to write an 5 page essay on why South Korea is a democracy according to the procedural minimum definition. Please help. I am not asking you to do my homework merely to help me understand what i am reading so i can do it on my own.

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  1. aurora-australis says:

    I am not sure. But I can give you some backround info.In the Korean War (not sure of the years, sorry) The US backed the South Koreans when the North Koreans invaded and MacArthur? led the army and pushed NK up to the border at the top then China joined the war. The result of this battle was the division of the koreas. This led to a communist NK and a (not sure if it was democratic right away) in SK.