Was Louis Riel a patriot or a rebel ?

i am doing an essay on Louis Riel the essay is about my opinion whether he was a patriot or rebel. I just wanted to know some points about each. him being a rebel and patriot. PLEASE HELP MEE ! THANKS

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    Louis Riel was born on October 22nd, 1844 died November 16th, 1885. St. Boniface, Red River Settlement which is present day Winnipeg is the birth place of Riel. He defined himself as Metis person and was a leader for them as well. The province of Manitoba was founded by Louis Riel. He had two resistance movements the Red River Rebellion, and the North-West Rebellion against the Canadian government. Louis was exile between these two rebellions. Main reason why Riel started the resistances was to protect the metis people right and culture. Many people believe he was a hero while others think his a traitor.Louis Riel was fourteen when he went to Montreal to study priesthood. Ten years later he returned home without finishing his religious education. Along the way he stayed in St. Paul, where he was told stories of growing conflict in settlement north along the red river border. When Louis Riel finally got home he started to fully understand why everyone was angry. This then started the Red River Rebellion in 1869 to 1870. He created an army to fight the Canadian Government so that wouldn’t take control of Fort Garry, the HBC headquarters. During the Rebellion Louis negotiate the Manitoba Act with the government and this is why people call him the Father of Manitoba. Riel had great success with taking the fort without bloodshed but during the rebellion he later executed a man Thomas Scott. I think it was this moment that changed the way English speaking Canadians saw Riel and began to believe he was traitor. Also, I believe if this didn’t happened he probably would have had more success with fighting for what he’s believes and couldn’t of done more things for the Metis people. Louis Riel was exiled and forced into the United States for many years.During his time Montana, United States he had married and had three children. In the years of being there he was elected to the Canadian House of Commons three times even though he never claimed his seat. It was said that he grew very frustrated not able to join the House of Commons even with being elected many times. He was asked to return to what is now Saskatchewan to Stand up for Metis against the Canadian government. When he returned the federal government ignored Riel’s and the Metis people concerns. Soon After a while the North-West Rebellion starts in 1885.The North-West Rebellion for Riel was mostly acted upon from his beliefs that he selected to lead the Metis people. For the Metis people they were reduced to near starvation from the disappearance of the buffalo’s. After the fall of Batoche, Louis Riel surrendered himself the Canadian Forces. Most of the vocal Metis people fled from Canada and there was no one left to speak for them. Louis Riel was arrested and put on trial in Regina. Riel fought to have his trail in Winnipeg and in front of a jury of half metis people. This didn’t happen and the trail was moved to Regina. Here he was faced with high treason. This is an important part because if they would of won or Riel was not killed the Metis and Indian people would have better rights then they have right now. Also, thing with Metis community would be a lot different now than it is now if one of these thing were didn’t happen.At Louis Riel, trial he gave two speeches which showed his powerful rhetorical abilities. His defence counsel tried to prove he wasn’t guilty for reasons of insanity but Riel rejected these options. On August 1st six English-speaking Canadians on the jury found Louis Riel guilty but suggested mercy for the man. The judge Hugh didn’t and sentenced him to death. On November 16th he was hung in Regina. This one execution was greatly opposed in Quebec but others thought it was a good thing. This moment had lasting political ramifications on both sides.I believe that Louis Riel was a hero and not a traitor. He did something that he believed significantly about and stood up for what he thought was right. A lot of people even today complain about the world but do nothing about it but Riel had enough courage to do so. If Riel didn’t have one man killed than he could have done countless more things for the Metis people. Louis was no trying to be a traitor and go against the government but thought that what they were doing was wrong for him and his kind. Louis remains the most complicated, controversial and tragic figure in Canada’s history.Oh this way my essay i just wrote on him