What make you don’t believe in Allah? Below i add an essay that prove Allah exist..?

In this matter of God’s existence, scientists and the Muslim scripture, the Quran, happily agree on one thing – the need for proof. "If you claim that God does not exist, bring your proofs," demands the Quran.British biologist Richard Dawkin’s book, The God Delusion,may be considered the latest scientific proofs on behalf of atheists or non-believers. In this essay, we shall examine whose proofs are valid.It is generally accepted that belief in the existence of God entails belief, and belief is considered to be not based on reason. It is beyond reason. It is unreasonable. The generality of people, comfortable with unthinking existence, accept this mode of life as a matter of course. But there have been individuals throughout history, in all societies, who are not satisfied with this unreasonableness. They probed the question of the meaning of life and of man’s destiny on Earth and introduced religion and belief in the existence God into human life. It is tacitly assumed that belief and reason are not contraries, but rather complementary.This is man’s daily practical experience. One can say that a man does not go about his daily life with only his eyes and ears open and his reason functioning; he also goes about with faith in his heart, with faith that on his way to the office, he will not die in a car crash! He may yet die in that way, but when he sets out, he believes that nothing bad will happen to him.Is there any logical basis to this belief? There is, and also there is none. He may reason that he is healthy and he may not die that day on his way to his office. Although we may discern some reason for his feeling, it is essentially faith. Thus, as we say, man does not live by bread alone, we may also say that man goes through the day with faith in his heart. Faith is natural to man.Thus, there are three ways of knowing. Firstly, through our senses (sensory evidence); secondly, through our logical inference (logical or rational evidence); and, lastly, through our intuition or inspiration (supra-rational evidence). Western scientific epistemology rejects the third method, considering it unscientific, although inspiration is a daily occurrence in a man’s life.Let us get a little deeper. What is life? Where does it come from? Where is it going? Science has some, but not complete and satisfying answers. We originate from lifeless matter many millions of years ago, and we are on a long evolutionary journey, becoming living matter, evolving from a simple cell into more complex entities and ending presently in "the crown of creation" – the human being, homo sapiens – headed to where? No known answer yet. Religion, however, tells us that we were created by God, for a short sojourn on Earth to do good works, will be resurrected for Final Judgment on Judgment Day and then to be rewarded or punished accordingly, to live in an eternal Paradise, or to suffer in an eternal Hell, depending on what we do with our short Earthly lives.Holding on to science, we live in abeyance, not knowing the whence and where of humanity. Is it any better, holding on to religion? Millions of people from all religions have lived and died, contentedly. But we know the vast differences between the various major religions’ theologies. The various scriptures are couched in metaphorical language and we are at a loss to understand their true meanings. Concepts such as "Afterlife", "Heaven", "Hell" and Divine rewards and punishment – what exactly do they mean? The Quran, for instance, states that none knows the meanings of the allegorical verses, except God and those deeply-versed in knowledge. [5] God’s rewards and punishments turn out to be none other than logical consequences of our own actions.It is obvious that a supreme power, God, created the world. Although we have not seen Him doing it, logical inference tells us so. Dawkins and other atheists argue that the world is eternal, even though none of them witness this eternity. They argue thus because they reject the concept of infinite regression. "If a god created the world, who created this god?" – an unending regression that is not permissible. Actually, there is no regression. God the Creator is not created. If God is created, how can we call Him God? As the Quran says, "He is the Ever-Living, the Self-Subsisting, by Whom all subsist."Most of his arguments dismissing God’s existence boil down to his opposition to this infinite regression. He dismisses the argument from design by claiming that if it were improbable to have life on Earth begin in physico-chemical reactions, then how more improbable it would be to have a designer, i.e. God, to do it? He says, "The temptation is a false one, because the designer hypothesis immediately raises the larger problem of who designed the designer. The whole problem we started out with was the problem of explaining statistical improbability. It is obviously no solution to postulate something even more improbable. We n

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11 Answers to “What make you don’t believe in Allah? Below i add an essay that prove Allah exist..?”

  1. wels says:

    You say “It is obvious that a supreme power, God, created the world.”….No, it is not in the least obvious.You want me to believe in a deity that condones lashing old women and stoning girls to death because they are the victim in a rape? Seriously?Don’t worry, I don’t believe in of the other blood thirsty deities created in the fevered imaginations of men either.

  2. yaung says:

    You only managed to prove your belief in an eighth century false prophet.

  3. overabounds says:

    you are delusional and you have constructed a set of arguments that are flawed on many levelsI strongly recommend you go back to school and learn about Logical arguments and Fallacy.

  4. devanay says:

    Einstein summed up the matter to energy ratio in 3 letters. Why does it take so many words to prove a fundamental concept such as a deity? It either is or it is not, there will not be room in between.

  5. dummert says:

    By the time I got to the third paragraph I was tired of counting the logical fallacies. Sorry. I just don’t have time for nonsense.

  6. spiraled says:

    sounds like allahta CRAP!

  7. transduction says:

    A great essay but you fail on many points “Dawkins and other atheists argue that the world is eternal, even though none of them witness this eternity.”This is false as we know the world and the universe are finite and that they will end.The earth has a very limited life and will be destroyed when the sun runs out of fuel and engulfs us.You use religious texts to back your belief this is flawed as they are only based on religious beliefs so you are trapped in circular logic.you have spent a lot of time and effort but you have not produced any proof of God. you have just confirmed our belief that their is no proof as if there was proof you would not have to rely on such a weak and flawed argument.Nice try but fail 3 /10

  8. vieillar says:

    So are you actually going to provide proof or are you just going to keep serving up this copypasta?Also, humankind is not the apex of evolution, you’d know this if you bothered to study biology.

  9. xformat says:

    TL;DRI line my parakeet’s (Muhammad) bird cage with the Quran.

  10. tillett says:

    I did not bother to read your essay. Allah and the Catholic God are the same. I am Catholic, thus I believe in Allah.

  11. chaperone says:

    You saidThey probed the question of the meaning of life and of man’s destiny on Earth and introduced religion and belief in the existence God into human lifeSo it is true then, man created god.