500 word essay how is christianity different than other religions?

You better get to work and do some research like in a library. Then you will be able to write your 500 word essay. Surely you do not expect someone on this site to do it for you! I hope you didn't leave this until the last minute. The essay requires some research as well as contrasts of different religions.Good luck.

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One Answer to “500 word essay how is christianity different than other religions?”

  1. peens says:

    I can only give you some important points about Christianity, you can get the rest from http://www.wikipedia.com1. This is the world’s richest and the most widely spread religion.2. The second richest and powerfull is Hinduism and the Third is none other than Islam.3. The Christian calendar is more accurate and precise than compared to other religion’s calendar.4. Christianity was founded by Jesus Christ and was first established in mesopatamia.5. Only Christianity has the least number of festivals compared to other religions. Sorry, but this is all I know !