Fashion Disaster Day?

My school has a tradition for a spirit week. It's this week and I need some ideas for horrible fashion.If you can't help me with that one, here are the others. Thanks!Monday - PJ DayTuesday - Nerd DayWednesday - Senior Citizen DayThursday - Fashion Disaster DayFriday - Red DayPS. My grade hasn't failed in seven years because if we do, we have to write a 5 pg. essay by the end of the day.

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3 Answers to “Fashion Disaster Day?”

  1. antitheses says:

    U should wear one of those really ugly hawaiian shirts. The ones with ugly flower print. Then maybe shorts with leggings underneath, Knee socks and ugly shoes. Ur welcome!

  2. musculation says:


  3. hemiachromatopsia says:

    Try mixing prints and trends. That is about as disasterous as it gets.