How does the constitution of the united states (together with the bill of rights) illustrate this principle?

"In Framing a government which is to be admininistered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this : you must first enable to government to control the governed; and in the next place obligate it to control itself."How does the constitution of the united states (together with the bill of rights) illustrate this principle?Thats my essay question. I'm confused what they want, yes i read the chapters and yes i confronted the professor , i'm still confused how to start it off.What should I put for my intro, i need a thesis , and a nice quotation?if u want to help me with my body that would be more appreciated.I will give best answer to who helps me the most. thanks.

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2 Answers to “How does the constitution of the united states (together with the bill of rights) illustrate this principle?”

  1. tamale says:

    ok,its asking u to tell u aobut the goverment and how it groverns itsw ppl if u have a dictator then that isnt a good govemrent in there mind cuz…he isnt realy governing the govredned just useing them….so like i would quate a george washtigon saying he surly has somthine about how the goverment cnat run smoothlyu if it doesnt no what the ppl want…

  2. jannekb says:

    So, I’m not going to write your paper, but here is food for’s real clear that the constution while establishing a frame work to govern, it let’s the governed to control the constitution.That is, you and I are bound by and holders of the constitution. Every time it is interperted, or changed it is us the populas who are in control, via our elected officials, or the unelected judiciary.Hold it wisely!