Is it hard being tall?

Okay so there's this lovely girl I know in my grade at school, we're both 15 but shes like mega tall i'd say 6ft/6'1ft and theres like... 3 guys taller than her in our year. She doesn't say it but I know she desperately envys all her friends with boyfriends. i dont know her that well but I was just chatting with her today and her friend came over and started talking about her boyfriend and this other guy being interested and she was all smiles and everything but I could just see that look on her face and it honestly broke my heart.shes bloody STUNNING could easily be a model so i just dont get why a guy wont ask her out already!? shes never had a boyfriend and i feel so sorry for her, theres a few guys in the older year that clearly gawp when she walks past but hmm i dunno... they're not the nice guys in the older year they're the popular jock'ish types that wouldent want a bit more than just a relationship.. if you get what I mean...SORRY FOR SUCH A LONG ESSAY, I JUST FEEL SO SO BAD FOR HER!

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6 Answers to “Is it hard being tall?”

  1. preverb says:

    I wish I could find a girl that was 6’6. She will be ok she just need to find someone who likes her for her!

  2. ultramicroscope says:

    Alot of people acually find tall people attractive…you just have to trust that she will find somone that does.P.S. if shes bloody stunning why dont you ask her out?

  3. zygnema says:

    I am 5’6″ and i envy girls who are shorter than me because so many times it happens that I a find a guy really cute, but shorter than me. But seriously, if she’s tall and gorgeous, then she shouldn’t feel ashamed of it. She should make this feature of her’s her strength. I would like to suggest you that you should act like her good friend, and boost up her morale. Tell her that there is nothing bad in being tall and people who are making fun of her are losers and in their hearts, they are actually jealous of her.AND PEOPLE, HER HEIGHT ISN’T 6’6″! HER HEIGHT IS 6′FT OR(SLASH) 6’1″

  4. colorability says:

    Hello Rose,6’6 is too tall to model. max is 6’2″ and min 5’8″ for women.It is not much different being tall than short especially if you’re beautiful. I’m around tall women all day everyday as a model. I am 5’11. Some girls taller than me. But, the team of make up/hair artists typically are short. – It seem you adore that girl. Try asking her out!

  5. kayar says:

    its little hard when your in schoolbut when she gets out of school and become an adultshe wont care that much

  6. abantes says:

    i’m allergic to pomegranate cookies