The optional essay on the ACT?

I'm applying for a scholarship that requires an ACT score of at least 29. The scholarship doesn't say anything about the essay. Should I take the optional essay? Would the essay improve my score? (I'm not very good at writing essays under a time limit.) And don't say that colleges might require it because my SAT score is good enough for admission, but not enough for a prestigious scholarship.

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2 Answers to “The optional essay on the ACT?”

  1. pinspotters says:

    Yes, include the writing portion, just to be safe. Many scholarships require it.

  2. unhelpableness says:

    I would guess that they would require the writing portion. It does not affect your composite score, but it does show up. You are scored from 2-12 based on how well you write the essay. ACT essay graders look for good sentence structure, tons of examples, and five paragraph format.