Discuss the structure of the plasma (cell) membrane?

I have a test tomorrow, and i have "essay" questions but their more like short answer. We got this one in advance.Discuss the structure of the plasma membrane. Select one structure of the membrane and explain how it functions in transport of material across the membrane.Can anyone give me a full answer to that, so i can just memorize it and write it for the test?thank you!

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2 Answers to “Discuss the structure of the plasma (cell) membrane?”

  1. depraves says:

    The cell membrane is composed of a phospholipid bi-layer with proteins embedded in it. There are several of proteins which act as different transports. Some of them are specific as they bond to molecules which are a certain shape and then release the molecule inside the cell. Others are just channels which allow molecules to enter or leave the cell. The bi-layer also acts as a transport because it allows non-polar or uncharged particles through. The transport of things across the membrane depend on either the charge or size. The channel proteins only have so big of an opening so large molecules cant enter. Good Luck on the test

  2. barlays says:

    I’ll just say it in point form so it’s easier for you to memorize!Structure of plasma membrane: MOSAIC and DYNAMICMOSAIC > Integral and peripheral proteins scattered across the membrane, creating a ‘mosaic’ patternDYNAMIC > Fluid phospholipids can move freely around the membraneOne structure of the membrane: Transmembrane proteinHow does it help: It allows specific polar and non-lipid soluble molecules to pass through the membrane into the cellAll the best for your test!