Help with fairenheight 451 essay!?

Hi! I need to write an essay on how figurative language helps create theme in fairenheight 451. Can someone PLEASE PLESE help me. any ideas would be great! thank you so so so much

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  1. elementalism says:

    Here are some ideas (The book is not with me at the moment so I’m working from memory)- Symbol: Salamandar as the symbol of bookburners, traditionally the creature is said to live in fire. He mentioned phoenix too, which also links to fire. If you want to waffle on, you could say something about salamandar traditionally used as a “good” symbol, so in the novel, burning books is seen as a “good” trade although it is not.- Mechanical Hounds and Snake Machine: Mixture of Animals (living things) and Machines (dead). Could depict society who are like the “living dead”, which is quite a prominent theme in the novel. – Not too sure about this, but you could comment on the poem “Dover Beach” and how it illuminates the text. How after reading it someone understands that it relates to their life and cries.- Look at instances where he intensely describes something. Does he do so for the ‘TV’? Then it could point at the theme of media influence. Hope these help. Good luck!

  2. ungeneraled says:

    Learning to spell “Fahrenheit 451″ would be a positive start. [external link] …