How many dog owners take there dogs to other peoples houses?

Just wondering how many people acutally take there dog to someone elses house. We have a friend and they bring their dog to our house...and we have cats so you can imagine that it doesn't really go good we have to close our cats up so the dog won't chase them. Anyways just wondering how many dog owners do that? do you ask the before you bring your dog? (not to be offense to any who might be. it is for a narrative essay)

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  1. payoffs says:

    I take my dog with us when we go to visit some relatives, but I always ask first, and I try to let them know that it’s fine if they say ‘no’, because I don’t want to impose. If they know my dog, they always say ‘yes’, because she’s been through obedience classes & is very well behaved and quiet. But if anyone were to say no or even hesitate or sound unsure before saying ‘yes’, I would not bring her. I would never dream of bringing a dog into someone’s home without asking permission first! If our hosts say it’s OK, then we bring her soft-sided crate along with us, so she’ll have her familiar bed to sleep in, and we can put her up in the crate if we go anywhere without her. This allows our hosts to feel more at ease about having a dog in the house without anyone around. We also brush her thoroughly before we arrive, to reduce shedding. We have cats, so she knows to leave them alone. Basically, I appreciate it when someone makes things easy for me by allowing me to bring my dog, so I try to make it as easy as possible for my host.It sounds like your inconsiderate visitor should stay in a hotel next time or leave her dog at home. You may want to tell this person that you enjoy their company, but you would appreciate it if they would leave their dog at home the next time they come to visit. You could be honest and tell them that it upsets your cats (it’s their home too!), or perhaps you could tell them you’ve found out that you’re allergic to dogs and can’t be around them.

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    Oh, by the way everyone thanks for answering my question