I can’t stand my English class! I do not know what to do!?

I'm in AP English this year, and I absolutely hate it. I hate everything about it =[I can't stand the teacher because she gives us all loads of homework but none of it serves a purpose. It's all busy work (work that takes hours upon hours to complete but doesn't help me learn) and she merely skims over it and puts a huge check at the top if it looks okay to her. She also give four tests on monday of each week over crap.She also makes us read like 50 pages per night and answer 35 questions about it. Oh, and we also have to read everything aloud in her class. She calls on us to go up and read our essays and writings, and she calls on us to read out of the book and if I mispronounce stuff she says "that's wrong!" and makes me feel stupid! I am so embarrassed, and I dread going to her class =[I can't switch though because I've taken every other English class offered at my school!I literally want to cry that time of day when I have to walk into her class because I cannot take it.Any advice on how to make the class less of a burden on me? It drains my mood! It makes me feel depressed, embarrassed, and stressed.

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  • i cant stand my class

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  1. fourstrand says:

    yeah…have fun in college