My daughter is a senior in high school this year. What does she need to do to get good scholarships?

She has a ACT score of 29 but is going to retest and see if she can get a higher score. What can she be doing NOW to get ready to apply for college? Does she need to write essays or fill out applications? I know it's going to be time to apply before we know it. She knows what college she wants to go to. It is in state.

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  1. janicki says:

    I qualified for all of the scholarships I got, some of up to 20,000. If you really want your daughter to get scholarships than you should make sure that her extra curricular activities are numerous. I also logged over 400 hours of community service, so a lot of hours is a good way to qualify too.Just having strong academics, mostly means no to a lot of scholarships, she needs to be actively involved outside of school in many different things.

  2. choco says:

    Apply for one. There are plenty of good web sites that could help you to find some college money like:

  3. oberley says:

    You are so smart to be thinking of applying for scholarships now! That’s what I did last year at this time when my son was starting his senior year. Does your daughter do community service? I’d encourage her to become involved in volunteering as soon as possible. Work on helping her become “well-rounded”. That’s what scholarship judging committees look for.I have a lot of help here for parents and students applying for college scholarships: http://www.how2winscholarships.comGood luck!:)

  4. fecks says:

    Make sure that she checks in with her guidance office at school as soon as possible for a number of reasons:1) they can help her know the school’s procedure for requesting transcripts, asking teachers for letters of recommendation, etc.2) they get information on local scholarships all the time, so they can let her know what they have available now and what they’re likely to get3) her guidance counselor can probably help to walk her through the application process or at least provide a few tipsAlso make sure that she gets on the mailing list of the schools in which she is interested. Yes, it will increase the mail flow to your house, but it will be helpful to hear directly from them about their application requirements and deadlines. She may also want to set up a separate email account just for the college process so that she can keep track of all that information since so many colleges will communicate by email.She can start working on an essay now so that she has plenty of time to think about it, write and rewrite, edit, and work with it so that it’s a strong piece of writing. The Common Application shows essay topics that are pretty standard to many college applications, so she should take a look at the Common Application (and she can even set up her account there if she’s going to be applying to one of the 300+ schools that accept the Common App).Since it sounds like she knows the college that she is most interested in, she should also work on finding a few other similar colleges to apply to since it can be risky to apply to just one college. She should have at least 3-4 applications in the mix to maximize her options for admission and financial aid/scholarship. That can be a good first step in the process and something she can definitely be doing now.Good luck!

  5. goechem says:

    MOST scholarships from all KINDS of groups (church-based, civic groups, ethnic/heritage groups) require essays plus some kind of application.A lot depends on the circumstances: some are limited to first-generation collegians, some are for people of documented [nationality] descent, and some are open to anyone. My father’s union had one for children of members, and it was only @$200 a year, but it did help defray my book costs.You have ot look around.Rules: do NOT pay a fee to apply. Any scholarship that requires you send in a fee is a scam. Do NOT pay a ‘consultant’ specifically to ‘guarantee’ scholarships. Another popular scam.DO THE FAFSA on January 1, 2010! You should be able to ‘estimate’ your 2009 wages…. use the 2008 tax return for a guideline. You can ALWAYS update it after you get your taxes done. (this also forces the issue for doing income taxes.BEFORE you do the FAFSA, make sure to liquidate any assets that are in your daughter’s name as they will be used to calculate her/your ‘ability to pay’ for the first year.Check with the Financial AId office at the college and get a full list of all scholarships and grants available. Some are ‘needs based’ others are merit-based. Some colleges administer various grants that were left to the college. Also check with the college Alumni Association to see if they have any programs available. Start your research NOW, as many deadlines come up quickly. A friend of mine got a small grant from the local Lions Club, another from the local Rotary Club, and yet another small grant from the local Chamber of Commerce, which helped out the first year. The deadlines for these was sometime in December of the year before the grant was awarded. (many many moons ago)You will have to disclose all awards at some point to the college FA office, so keep accurate records.Good luck, and rmember, the early bird gets the worm!