What are some good after school programs, group, club, activties, etc.?

I'm writing a persuasive essay where the scenario is, "(charitable foundation), has just donated $10,000 to your school. Persuade the district with an idea for an after school program with evidence that it is the greatest benefit for all and is the best way to spend money.". Please help first draft is due 01/07/11. I have writer's block. :'(

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One Answer to “What are some good after school programs, group, club, activties, etc.?”

  1. quincubital says:

    I would say either an art class, science fund or a collab over a little bit of everything.Make a center that combines a library, computer station, sports, art station, and even science stations.Like…Easels for art classes with paint, charcoal, etcBasketball courts, basketballs, baseballs, baseball gloves, helmets, bats, diamond etc for sports.Multiple science projects dealing with velocity, bouyancy, etcBooks for a library/resource centerAll around, a room that is a jack of all trades.