A good tittle for my essay? helpppp?

my essay is about how impossible it was for slaves in the South to obtain their freedom during the 1800s.helppppppppppppppppp

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31 Answers to “A good tittle for my essay? helpppp?”

  1. uncompletable says:

    slaves who want freedom

  2. nonexamination says:

    Freedom: a distant dream

  3. emusive says:

    “Freedom Is A Four Letter Word”or “Imprisoned Without Bars”

  4. Oliverian says:

    As sartre would title his most famous play:No Exit

  5. bluebird says:

    something along the lines of “Slaves driving for freedom.” I am having the sam problem (pretty close). I reallyhope that this title will help you out, otherwise I may have some below. “Slaves Obtaining their Freedom”"Slaves in the 1800′s”Your Welcome!

  6. herrero says:

    mission impossibleThe fight 4 freedomTrapped w/out a hopeUnder a iron fistSlavery @ its worst

  7. satirically says:

    Mission: Impossiblehaha…i like it…awww mannn…someone had like the same thing, only better! :( i came up with this before seeing the other answer though.

  8. souaris says:

    fight to freedom, the slavery story.

  9. envier says:

    well i think it should be “a hardship for the slaves”.if this isnt good for you im sorry>

  10. escapades says:

    The struggle for freedom

  11. causeless says:

    The Paramount Struggle for Freedom

  12. ovarium says:

    Slavery in the South.

  13. baytalk says:

    impossible freedom

  14. plaguing says:

    Freedom fighters

  15. unstateable says:

    reaching for an impossible hope… hahah idk

  16. saeter says:

    Try “The color of freedom” but that mite be plagerising i think it sounds familiar

  17. saltimbankery says:

    Whats it like to be free? is it really freedom?impossible to be freefree at last

  18. napravi says:

    Man’s Inhumanity Towards ManI’m just kidding, that was from an episode of Gilmore Girls. Seriously?Freedom: A Hard Thing to Come ByFreedom: Not So FreeWhere’s the Free in Freedom?

  19. protestingly says:

    call it. ” Almost impossible” or ” Mission Impossible ” or something like that. or ” To hard to be true “

  20. carenet says:

    Liberation of slavery or Abolition of slavery

  21. inagawa says:

    Distant Freedom

  22. ventricoseness says:

    Abolition impossible

  23. leavenish says:

    Reaching for freedom with eyes shut…..( i’m horrible with titles)

  24. zoographically says:

    The Impossible Dream.

  25. Amanitopsis says:

    The Chains That Bound Them

  26. specter's says:

    Freedom Slaveshaha idk

  27. sweetmouthed says:

    a tittle is the dot above a lower case “I” and lowercase “J”

  28. interdependently says:

    The Impossible Freedom For The Slaves In The South:]

  29. jointress says:

    “Slogging through Slavery” or “Breaking the Chains” or even something simple like “Fighting the Impossible Fight” would bring attention to your piece.

  30. hlpchar says:

    Impossible Possibilites. “)

  31. rakeim says:

    Beyond the Irons: Challenges Facing Slaves in Trying to be Free of ShacklesCourse haven’t read ur thesisbut u can take this if it clicks for youGL