here is the prompt:Discuss how a character or characters in Lord of the Flies struggles to gain power over others. Be sure to demonstrate how Golding uses this power struggle to enhance the meaning of the novel.PLEASE HELP ME! what should i write about

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  1. sufflating says:

    Compare the lust for power to that of any nation seeking to own the world. Use the symbols from the book such as the conch shell to show how a leader gets power even when it’s not best. The meaning of the novel is enhanced because the struggle creates conflict.

  2. brownjr says:

    Ralph-good guyJack-bad guy Ralph tries to be like the angel and Jack is more like the devil. Ralph wants everyone to work together and help each other out and hopes everything will be fine and that they will be found. Jack on the other hand has let his humanistic survival mode kick in. Jack becomes animalistic in that he tries to be like “survival of the fittest.” He takes what he wants and just like how the devil tests you he does the same. He tries to convince the kids to come over to his side ( the dark side). He offers things like food and safety of his tribe. Ralph the good one tries to help the children see through Jack and see nothing good can come from him. The little children cannot decided where to go….some go to Jacks side and some stay with Ralph. As more kids go to Jacks side the other kids have doubts that Ralph’s side is not the choice. Golding uses this power struggle to enhance the meaning of the novel which is when times get hard do we give up and give in or do we stay strong and have faith. It is a face-off between good and evil and when times get hard to we give in to evil. If the devil offers incentives to make life easier would you take it? These are all questions that can be related to the book. Also if everyone decides to jump off a bridge do you? The kids all went to Jack’s side except Piggy, they all gave in. This is another point in the book.The movie is REALLY GOOD! I also loved the book and I don’t like to read.

  3. cidanet says:

    Read the book or just watch the movie.