I need a controversial ad?

For my AP class I need to look for a controversial ad. Basically that means I need one with two sides, two different opinions for what they are trying to say. Plus I need to pick a side and write an augmentative essay on it. I've been looking for hours trying to find an ad and I've got nothing. I don't particularly get the whole assignment. I've been sick so I need some help finding an ad. If you know of an ad that is controversial, it would be greatly appreciated if you would help me. Sorry for the rambling. Thanks in advance. :)

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6 Answers to “I need a controversial ad?”

  1. ramper says:

    There are loads of banned ones on Youtube. They are going to cause a lot of controversy.

  2. gemot says:

    Check this one out. [external link] …

  3. brushet says:

    easy one- find a pro choice or anti abortion addon’t think Sears advertisements think more along the lines of public service advertisementsthere everywhere onlinelike here: [external link] … (its not graphic or anything)

  4. stirpes says:

    Go here – [external link] site is a group of parents who file complaints about such ads. This will give you a list of some current ones. As for the other side of what they are saying & why it is “not” wrong you will have to find that yourself. Or just tell why you think the group shouldn’t complain.

  5. howder says:

    [external link] …check ‘em out…. its pretty gorey sooo just warning you.

  6. berreta says:

    Sorry it’s an Irish ad as I live in Ireland but it’s about how men often ignore the signs of serious illness, more often than women do. Basically it’s about “listening to your heart” if you will rather than the brain in this situation and the two organs having an argument over it but you could expand into other things to do with listening to your heart instead of your head and likely outcomes. [external link] … [external link] … This?