Philosophy question: Karl Marx?

I'm doing a project for my philosophy class and I'm trying to find out if it was Karl Marx who said the fall of capitalism would begin in the most industrial countries (like France, UK) and move its way through Europe to Germany, eventually hitting Russia (but was barely on the radar in his theory). Despite in reality, it began (and ended) in Russia. Was this Marx? And can I find information about it somewhere? I read it in either Lenin's essays or Trotsky's "Revolution betrayed", I just cant seem to find it.Thanks!

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  1. persuader says:

    Marx did not say quite that the revolution will take place first in more advanced, industrial countries – here is a quote about this idea:”The belief that the social revolution is to take place first in the industrially more developed countries is based on the following passages of Marx.”The country that is more developed industrially only shows, to the less developed, the image of its own future.” (P. 13, Marx’ Capital, Kerr ed.)’No social order ever disappears before all the productive forces, for which there is room in it, have been developed; and new higher relations of production never appear before the material conditions of their existence have matured in the womb of the old society.” (P. 13, Marx’ Critique of Political Economy.)’” [external link] …Marx did, for a while, specifically rule out a communist revolution in Russia due to it being a backwards country with a tiny working class.He said it in a letter to Engels in the 1870s [external link] …Although Marx did later conceded that the revolution in Russia would act as a catalyst for Europe wide revolutions. [external link] …I don’t think it’s in Revolution Betrayed – although it’s a long time since I read it.Try searching the Marx Internet Archive – it has nearly all Marx’s, Lenin’s and Trotsky’s works. [external link]

  2. recantation says:

    karl marx was misled in what it means to be in a truly divine world. he was led by murderous spirits. and not by the spirit of God