The American Dream in Grapes of Wrath?

I have an essay to write on the Grapes of Wrath and I'm not sure what to say...What is Steinbeck saying about the American Dream? What is the Joad's american dream? Is the american dream achievable for the Joads?

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  1. toyshop says:

    The Joads dream was to find good jobs with fair pay and respect. In the California argicultural fields the Joads encountered neither.

  2. secussa says:

    Owning the land that they’ve worked on for generations. They just want a piece of land and to be able to grow their own crops without being tossed off their property. Is the American dream achieveable for the Joads? In my opinion, no. They were definately willing to work hard to achieve it, but it was next to impossible for them to be able to buy any land of their own.One of my all time favorite books.