The rich should share their wealth with the poor?

I have to write an essay on that topic.. and I wanted to see your opinion.. just different points of view in general..... So what do you think? Should the rich really share ? Why should/shouldn't they? If that ever happens.. what would be the reason? Increasing popularity and multiplying incomes ( the same reason why celebrities and politicians get involved with charity) ?

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12 Answers to “The rich should share their wealth with the poor?”

  1. cuticular says:

    yeah they dont need it all

  2. graphmu says:

    well not everything obviously, but they should give a chunk of their money to the poor.

  3. unimplorable says:

    They should, but they won’t.’Nuff said

  4. bowpots says:

    I say no not really. They should give to charities to be nice, but I don’t think they should have to. I mean the rich people work hard for their money and are possibly trying to provide for a family or their own. And the poor could possibly try to find a job and work hard.

  5. impairer says:

    Oooh, you’re so lucky getting to write an essay on such an interesting topic! I have many opinions on this topic. My main one being this:My dad has been working SO hard since he was 17, where he used to often work 36 hours shifts. He has worked like this for the last 30 odd years, and now it has paid off, we have an amazing home, with things that we’ve wanted and have all worked hard for. I know lots of people say that people who have nice things have usually inherited the money, and not worked for it. This is sometimes the case, but not always. Therefore, why should people who work hard for their money have to share their money with people who haven’t worked hard. This is where it gets tricky.Some people work really hard (For example, people in China) and are paid a horrifically low amount of money. In this case, I think it’s really good when a celebrity, who has an excess of money donates a bit to a charity. However, a few years ago, we knew a family who had about 6 kids, and the husband was unemployed. This family was living on handouts from people in the village, and often expected to get things at a discounted price. This DID annoy me, because if someone as young as 13 can get a job, why can’t an adult? If I were you, in this essay, write that this is a difficult topic. As it can be both answers at the same time. It’s impossible to MAKE anyone give someone money, and should only be done if the donor wishes to donate. Although, saying that, it IS unfair when people in poverty countries are working very hard, and earn next to nothing.I really hope I helped, and good luck with your essay!

  6. Mary-Jo says:

    They worked hard to earn their money. It should be their decision as to what to do with it. But when it comes down to it, many of the rich do give to charities.

  7. medievalist says:

    Sharing is an act of kindness and should never be forced on anyone. No rich should not be forced to share.

  8. noosed says:

    No, I don’t think that’s completely right. That’s socialism, it’s not right unless you want to give your wealth out of your own free will.

  9. subbreed says:

    No – not unless they want to.

  10. colliculate says:

    Most people besides the celebrities inherit their fortune, passed down and usually some type of family business and if the family continues on the right path then they’ll still be able to have that fortune to pass on. Those type of people I don’t think should have to share their wealth because they have worked and earned their money. The only ones I think that should donate money are the celebrities, they aren’t usually born into wealth and the amount of money they make for a single movie is totally outragous, and also the sports teams, whoever heard of making millions to go out and play. Now that to me is just right out stupid. That’s my opinion and I hope I helped you some :)

  11. comblike says:

    No, they earned their money (usually). Would you want to have to give away your money that you earned? If they want to give to a charity then great, good for them, but they shouldn’t have to share their money. They should just have to pay taxes like everybody else.

  12. ainnhmt says:

    No they shouldn’t, they worked hard to become rich so why should they give their hard earned cash to poor “lazy” people….