Why is Slaughter house five significant in high school?

I need to write an essay on it and I don't have enough facts to why Kurt Vonnegut's book is helpful and important to the development of a high school student.

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  1. AmiTADS says:

    I have read this book many times, the first time when I was in high school… If you too read it, it will be fairly obvious as to why this is a good book for folks your age to read… For one, it suggests the horrors of war as experienced by a real person, which considering that folks your age are asked to fight in wars, might be something one should read about… It also is written in a science fiction genre way, which was an unusual way to approach such topics at the time the book was written, so again, makes it an interesting and challenging read, which is always a good thing for high school students to experience….While reading the book is the best way to answer your questions, the Wikipedia article on the book will also give you a lot of good information/ is basically correct in its content…

  2. hoceima says:

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